How Integrated IT Helped
Interscale Achieve 25% Sales Growth in the AEC Service Delivery Market

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Interscale is a dynamic company specialising in delivering comprehensive IT solutions to AEC firms.

They offer a range of services, including BIM consulting, cloud solutions, and cybersecurity.

With a growing team and expanding client base, Interscale needed a way to optimise their internal processes and make data-driven decisions to fuel further growth.

How Nexalab's Integrated
Solutions Transformed Interscale's IT Operations

  • Fragmented data between their Datto Autotask PSA and HubSpot CRM.
  • Limited sales insights prevent data-driven decisions.
  • Chaotic management of numerous SaaS applications across multiple clients.
  • Complex data migration to SharePoint.
Nexalab's Solutions:
  • App Integration: Integrated Datto Autotask and HubSpot for improved client data visibility and automated workflows.
  • Sales Analytics: Combine Datto Autotask data with Microsoft Power BI for actionable sales insights.
  • Octobits: Centralised SaaS management for streamlined operations, optimised licensing, and cost control.
  • SharePoint Development Service: Custom solution for seamless data migration from to SharePoint.
  • 30% increase in warm leads and customer engagement achieved with App Fusion’s seamless integration.
  • 25% increase in sales performance thanks to data-driven insights from Sales Analytics.
  • 20% cost reduction realised through optimised SaaS management with Octobits.

The Challenge

As a leading MSP in the AEC industry, Interscale was grappling with several critical IT challenges.

  • SaaS Management Chaos: Managing 20+ SaaS applications across clients was overwhelming, with scattered billing and licensing issues.
  • Limited Sales Insights: Autotask’s sales reporting lacked the depth and visual clarity needed for data-driven decisions.
  • Disparate Systems: Datto Autotask (their PSA) lacked the robust CRM features they needed, while HubSpot (their chosen CRM) didn’t integrate seamlessly with Autotask.

These problems made it difficult for Interscale to manage client projects effectively, optimise operations, and offer the proactive assistance that AEC firms need.

Nexalab’s Solution

To address their fragmented systems, lack of sales visibility, SaaS management complexities, and data migration challenges, Interscale partnered with Nexalab to implement a suite of integrated solutions.

App Integration

Nexalab's App Integration seamlessly integrates Interscale's Datto Autotask PSA and HubSpot CRM to overcome data fragmentation and enable efficient workflows. With deep integration that surpasses off-the-shelf solutions like Zapier, App Integration allows Interscale to synchronise contacts, companies, and opportunities/deals, enhancing collaboration and providing a unified view of client data. This streamlined processes, improved sales insights, and ultimately empowered Interscale to better serve their AEC clients.

Sales Analytics

Nexalab's Sales Analytics solution empowered Interscale to overcome their limited sales insights by combining Datto Autotask data with Microsoft Power BI. The integration and 10-minute sync intervals enabled real-time visualisation of sales performance. Unlike more expensive and complex alternatives, this solution provided a faster, simpler way to gain actionable insights, ultimately enabling data-driven decisions and optimising sales strategies to drive revenue growth for Interscale's AEC clients.

Octobits SaaS Management

Octobits SaaS Management Platform solved Interscale's SaaS management chaos by consolidating over 20 applications into a single, centralised platform. This significantly reduced costs, improved visibility into usage and licensing, and enabled the creation of a client portal for enhanced transparency and service. Additionally, Octobits provides them with a cost-effective alternative to expensive competitors, with a free period until December 2024 and a significantly lower price per user thereafter.

SharePoint Development Service

Nexalab developed a custom SharePoint solution to streamline Interscale's complex data migration from The solution automated the creation of over 1000 SharePoint sites and subsites, ensuring a scalable and organised data structure for efficient project management. This eliminated the need for manual site creation, significantly reducing the time and resources required for the migration.

The Result

With the help of Nexalab integrated solutions, Interscale is able to produce outstanding outcomes like:

  • Increase in Warm Leads: The integration of Datto Autotask and HubSpot through the Nexalab App Integration solution helped Interscale identify previously hidden opportunities, resulting in a 30% increase in generated warm leads and customer engagements.
  • Boost in Sales Performance: Sales Analytics enabled Interscale to identify sales gaps and strategically focus their efforts, leading to a 25% increase in sales performance.
  • Save Cost: Octobits provided a centralised view of billing, facilitating informed decisions and a 20% cost reduction through the integration.
  • Save Time: The custom SharePoint development solution automated site creation, saving Interscale an estimated 2 weeks of manual labour.

These problems made it difficult for Interscale to manage client projects effectively, optimise operations, and offer the proactive assistance that AEC firms need.

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With Nexalab's integrated IT solutions—Sales Analytics, App Fusion, Octobits, and SharePoint Development—we will help you optimise your workflow, boost your team productivity, and drive your business forward.